Powdered Green Tea for Businesses

Suggestions to enjoy great tasting green tea conveniently.

Product Features / Effects

Conventional green leaf tea only uses 30% of the leaf, but our product uses the entire leaf, providing an abundance of various added nutrients.
Since it's high in nutrients, when blended and consumed as alcoholic beverage, it won't leave a bad hangover. You may enjoy the concentrated flavor of green tea. Also, it can be used in tempura, or other dishes by mixing it in the butter or sprinkling on them. We have received good feedbacks on green tea powdered mixed drinks, named "Shizuoka High" for increasing food orders because it can be consumed over long period of time in one sitting. Try adding it to your menu!

How to make 1 liter decanter of green tea

Add 2g (1 tea spoon) of powder in the container and add 1 liter of warm water.
Just stir and it's ready (With time, the particles will sink to the bottom)
*Please note that when using cold water it will dissolve less.

Main Ingredients in Green Tea

About 70% were thrown out as tea-grounds

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