HACCP Certification

Shizuoka Factory is HACCP certified (CODEX Standard)


HACCP is an international standard for food product sanitation management.
We analyze and manage hazards throughout the entire process from procurement of ingredients to delivery of products. Appropriately trained and educated employees constantly monitor and record the production processes with established procedures and methods.

1. From Procurement to Production Line

All ingredients and materials go through various inspections to ensure they satisfy our standards, and are managed in the storage room only once they are deemed acceptable.
Ingredients are transported to the production line room via designated wagons to prevent cross-contamination.
Employees only enter the production line room after dressing in uniforms from the factory laundry room and following the necessary procedures for entrance.

Factory laundry room

Production line room entrance

Joining the production line after entrance procedures

2. Loose Leaf and Tea Bag Production Line Room

All lines are operated with thorough quality management and sanitation management under the Comprehensive Sanitation Management and Production Process.
The production line room temperature is set at 22 degrees Celsius and has a positive pressure system.
Cleaning and dust-collecting are conducted using an Outdoor Air Central Cleaning System in order to ensure a sanitary indoor environment.

Production line room

Production line room

TP bag feeder (production of JAS organic products)

Metal detector

3. Production Storage and Delivery

Storage Management

  1. Ingredients and products are kept in a storage room with a dehumidifier to ensure humidity is less than 50%.
  2. All racks in the storage room are managed real-time, with all information recorded (ingredient, product amount, date).


Insect and rodent control for items received and shipped is conducted not only at the entrance and exit, but throughout the entire factory area.
All shipped products are traceable.

Rack management for ingredients and materials

Delivering products

Loading and delivery

4. Microorganism Inspection Room

Microorganism Inspection System with Official HACCP Method

Microorganism Inspection
  1. In order to prevent acceptance of contaminated tea leaves, all incoming and outgoing ingredients are inspected for microorganisms.
  2. In order to ensure safety for cold-brewed teas, the products are inspected for microorganisms every day using an official method.
  3. Inspections on air-borne germs in the production line room are conducted once every three months.
Physical Inspections
  1. Physical inspections are conducted for quality management, including inspections for moisture content, water activity and color.
  2. Taste and fragrance management for the tea leaves consists of sensory inspections (appearance, tea color, fragrance, taste).

Sterilization of inspection equipment

Detection of microorganisms (identifying germs)

Visual inspections on color

Inspection of air-borne germs in production room

5. Cleaning and Sterilization Room

Cleaning and Sterilization

  1. The Cleaning and Sterilization Room is for cleaning and sterilizing equipment and tools. Half of the room is a pool.
  2. Cleaning is conducted by a steam machine (high-temperature steam cleaning), alcohol, air, etc.

Cleaning and Sterilization Room

Cleaning and Sterilizing

Cleaning and Sterilizing

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