Our Efforts in Food Safety

We work hard to provide safe and reliable products.

Exterior of Shizuoka Factory

Quality & Management

The most important aspect of our Food Safety Policy is the three-fold management system for production and production environment.

1. Prevention of health hazards with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) system in production and production environment management

Production Management

We ensure safety through Production Management, including analysis and elimination of hazards in each production process, and detection and removal of foreign substances and metal objects.

Hygiene Management

We ensure safety through monitoring worker health, sterilizing production equipment, and preventing contamination in the production environment.

Safety Management

We ensure safety through examining ingredients for microorganisms and residual pesticides, and acquiring safety certification for materials and equipment.

2. Quality management in production and production environment

Quality Management

We conduct quality inspections on over 400 items (daily, weekly, monthly).

Production Processes

We conduct Production Management using a QC chart on everything from procurement of ingredients to product delivery.

Production Equipment

We utilize a cutting-edge production line room (negative pressure ventilation system, outdoor air cleaning system, jet stream transportation of ingredients, etc.), microorganism detection room, cleaning and sterilization room, and worker uniform laundry room.

Environment & Society

1. Focus on Environmental Management

We practice environmentally-friendly business and activities to conserve our planet so that we can work with tea, nature's blessing, for years to come. Keywords are quality, safety and environmentally-friendly.

Environmental Goals

We establish and achieve goals for conserving the environment, based on an understanding of the company's environmental impact.

Environmental Conservation Activities

We promote energy-conservation, resource-conservation and green procurement.

Prevention of Pollution

We consciously carry environmentally-friendly products and work to conserve the environment for the community and planet.

2. Compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


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