Ichou-ka Green Tea

“Dry Aging Method Maximizes Green Tea's Potential”

Product Features

Ichou-ka (Aged) Green Tea accentuates the refreshing floral aroma of tea leaves.

This type of green tea combines both the refreshing floral aroma and great flavor of Japanese green tea. We developed this new aromatic product for domestic and overseas market amid increasingly varying preferences by our consumers.

Production Method

Normally harvested raw leaves are stored at low temperature for about 15 hours to enhance the floral fragrance. After this phase, the process is similar to regular dried green tea leaves but since the main feature is its aroma, the length of steaming need to be somewhat shortened.

Main Feature

By enhancing the aging aroma of the tea, the floral scent is accentuated. Also, by allowing the leaves to wilt, it has an aging effect and you will notice improved water color and slight increase in amino acid has also been confirmed. Due to this phenomenon, you could expect a milder fragrance.

AC installed in small cargo for raw leaves (left) and the leaves inside the cargo that are being treated to “ichou”, or age.

The composition analysis shows that leaves that were treated with ichou process tend to contain increased free amino acids, especially “asparagine”, "aspartic acid" and "serine” compared to immediately dried leaves.

Graph 1 Free Amino acids
Category Aspartic acid Glutamic acid Asparagine Serine Glutamine Arginine Alanine Theanine
Immediately dried tea leaves 0.23 0.28 0.02 0.11 0.28 0.32 0.03 1.17
Ichou treated dried tea leaves 0.46 0.28 0.42 0.21 0.34 0.42 0.04 1.26
Indicating ① as 100 200 100 2100 191 121 131 133 108

HPLC: Analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography (Analyzed by JA Enshu Yumesaki)

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